You can find Sheffield the Sheepherder in the mountains of Kimberroo. He often
finds himself in contact with all kinds of vegetation that cannot be found
elsewhere in the PowerPets world.

If you would like Sheffield to bring you back a plant from the mountains, you
should start his quest. First he will ask you to bring him some items. He
typically asks for several cheap foods, drinks, and toys.

After you return to Sheffield with his requested items, he will have a question
to ask you to enhance his wisdom. He will tell you in which PetPedia you will
be able to find the answer to his question in. You can obtain this PetPedia
from doing another quest or from purchasing it from another player. After doing
so, you must place this book on your bookshelf in order to open and read it.
Sheffield will provide you with five answer choices and it is up to you to read
the book and find the correct answer. Remember to double-check your answer for
correctness as you only get one opportunity to provide Sheffield with the
correct answer.

If you provided Sheffield with the correct answer, you will be rewarded with a
plant from the mountains of Kimberroo. These plants are special in the sense
that each has a specific weight, density, and calorie. These plants can be used
to create recipes in the Berry Box that can strengthen (or weaken) your pet. As
a bonus, you will also receive thirty-two purchase points that can be used to
restock items from the PowerPets shops. You can attempt the Sheephearder Quest
once every four hours.

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