Exploration Center

The Exploration Center stores blueprint and pieces of the blueprints you have collected. It also allows you to build whatever it is the blueprint shows once you have collected all pieces. In other words, you can think of the Exploration Center as a storage center.
While the Exploration Center will not allow you to begin

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Invite Only

Invite Only – requires an item before you can begin playing.
This guide will cover the following games: Pirate Wheel, GoCash Wheel, Dassie’s Dizzy Dust Devil, Wheel of Chance, Final Countdown, and Bubba’s Box Breaker. All 6 games can be found under the Invite Only category.

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Action Team

Action Team History:
AT didn’t start out as one team, but as many smaller teams. These teams went by their own team names and are listed below:
Team: Rainbow Critters (unable to find team image)

Each team – for example “Rainbow Critters” had their own individual team members.
PP content administrator christyb2852  would put up any updates by these

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Shells! Shells! Shells!

Need help finding Shells? We’ve got you covered! Check out our new Shell Page to help you find shells faster! You can check it out by hoovering over Guides -> Shells

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Shell/Pegg Hunt

The pegg hunter and shell collector work the same way, but are active during different times of the year.
Pegg Hunter is usually active around the time of: April & May
Shell Collector is usually active around the time of: July & August
Dates are however oftentimes not set in stone, so it’s important to watch for the site

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Items Added

We have added all the items that have been released in the past 13 days. If you have a missing stockers account we have added the item IDs to the right hand side. All you need to do is copy and paste those item IDs into the text box field to import them to

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Thank you!

Awhile ago we held a contest of where users submitted their comments about the site. We said we were only going to select 5 random comments, but we were so moved by all of them that everyone got a gift ranging from 500k-5million (depending on your member status) so thank you to everyone who

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Sharkfather’s Quest
Sharkfather lives in Abyss after he was released from jail for coral smuggling. We think he has changed his ways for the better. He has his own quest – and if you are successful, you’ll receive a nice little prize!

Sharkfather is always hungry, and for some odd reason, he likes stories too.

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Conquests are fun!

If you weren’t sure how to participate in conquests before, you will soon! We now have a guide on Cabrillo and his conquests! You can find it located under Guides -> Quest.

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